We are missionaries currently serving in Monterrey, Mexico with Mission to the World. We hope this site will keep all those committed to praying and supporting us updated, as well as allow others to find out more of our ministry.

1 Peter 3:15 - "but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;"

Imagine that you are from Monterrey and it's a city not unlike many in the US. If there is a Latin version of the "American Dream," then it would certainly be found in Monterrey. 

Imagine that in 2006, it was voted the safest city in Latin America. It's we're you can go and get one of the best educations. You can put your head down, work hard, and climb the corporate ladder toward success. 

With the right level of commitment, you begin to improve your quality of life, grow a family, drive a nicer car, stay in touch with the newest fashions, fill your home with the latest gadgets, build a reputation, accumulate some debt, put your kids in the nicer private schools, move into the nicer gated communities, shop in the higher end malls...

And then one day, you receive news that your uncle has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. You hear about a co-worker who was harassed and robbed at an illegal road block just outside of town. Or a neighbor who was shot by cross-fire in a shoot out between local police and the cartels. Or you turn on the TV or read the newspaper and learn of another mass burial site where 50 more mutilated bodies have been found between here and the border. Or finally, your downtown at a business lunch and you actually witness a gunfight at a nearby taxi stand between two rival cartels. 

All this and you look up from your life and begin to take stock of what is really important. You notice for the first time your Christian neighbor, co-worker, family member, etc, who seems to have something you do not in the midst of all the violence and lawlessness: hope. 

You see it's one thing to live out 1 Peter 3:15 and have a defense for the hope you have in Christ, but its another to live in such a way that people actually ask you about it. That opportunity is born in the midst of great opposition. It's how you respond to news that your world seems to be crumpling around you. 

Whether it's as universal as receiving news from the doctor that you have cancer or living in a city where the police who should be protecting you are either bullied out of town or actually on the cartel payrolls that make people look at you and realize the most important thing to you is not success, a reputation, the next promotion at work, the latest gadget, a new house, new car, new clothes...because these things are not saving you. 

And so we have seen a spiritual awakening of people looking to churches and believers for hope. A hope that is only found in the gospel of Christ. 

Our work in Monterrey has had to reevaluate and implement new strategies to best respond to the changes in northern Mexico. But I believe they have all been positive and providential to re-hone our focus, which consists of equipping, educating, and training churches to work effectively and raise up new movements of church plants in all of northern Mexico. 

So as missionaries with MTW, we do so under the leadership of a national team leader and with the objective to facilitate national, Mexican leaders to reach their own people, in their own language, in their own context, through their own natural connections. 

So whether you are Sunday school teacher working with kids, an elder or deacon, a church planters wife wanting to start a women's bible study, or simply the pastor, we are working to provide Gospel-oriented resources and training. 

There is hardly anyone living in Mexico who hasn't heard of Jesucristo, but there are untold millions who have never heard he has a gospel of grace to offer them. 


Talayuelas 122, Col. Cerradas de Cumbres, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon CP 64349 Mexico